For a greener future

In response to the growing demand for environmental friendly transportation, Trans Modal developed business relationships with major Ferroutage, Rolling Highway and Intermodal players on most European routes, to combine railway and multimodal solutions and make them available to its customers: rail is now a realistic and profitable opportunity.

  • Rolling highways

    Dedicated to the transfer of trucks with drivers, the Rolling Highways – or RoLa – allow Transporters to move their vehicles on rail for part of their journey, while drivers are hosted onto passenger dedicated wagons. Save on fuel and toll charges, bypass night and bank holiday traffic bans, avoid adverse weather conditions and road congestion, optimise drivers working hours these are only some of the benefits.

  • Intermodal services

    Dynamic and experienced staff, a network of established partnerships, constant research for reliable and competitive suppliers, ability in seamlessly integrating road, rail and sea, make Trans Modal the ideal partner to assist operators in identify and manage innovative and competitive modal solutions.

  • Social responsibility

    Trans Modal aim at making rail and intermodal operations accessible to the widest possible arena of freight operators, thus contributing together with its clients to build long term sustainability of transportation in Europe.

Services available

  • Autostrada Ferroviaria Alpina

    Also known as AFA, this service consists in a Rolling Highway for accompanied and non-accompanied vehicles between the especially equipped terminals of Turin Orbassano (Italy) and Bourgneuf-Aiton (France).

  • Ralpin

    Rolling Highway for accompanied vehicles through the Swiss Alps, between terminals in Freiburg (Germany) and Novara (Italy), and those in Basel and Lugano (Switzerland).

  • RCA Rail Cargo Austria

    Various Rolling Highway services for accompanied trailers primarily allowing the crossing of the Austrian Alps between Italy and Austria.

  • VIIA

    Rolling Highway (only non-accompanied vehicles) between the terminals of Bettembourg (Luxembourg) and Le Boulou (France).

Why choose

  • Fuel savings

  • Savings on tolls and taxes charged on motorways, tunnels and transits

  • Bypass night and bank holiday traffic bans

  • › Respect and optimization of rest periods for drivers without journey interruption

  • › Avoid waiting time and delays for border crossing (ie custom clearance), adverse weather conditions and congestion

  • › Better assets utilization and productivity gains

  • Reduce emissions and traffic, thus contributing to freight transport sustainability

Expertise assured.
By road, rail and sea.


Expertise, assistance and advanced technology in business payment solutions covering all your needs.

The 360 vision is shared throughout our network of operating and commercial centres, each being capable of responding to the needs of Transporters and Freight Forwarders across Europe. An organisation that demands complete customer satisfaction, 24/7.

Expertise in each local market, professional competence and experience blended with state of the art technology in all areas allow 360 to establish flexible and direct commercial relations and to provide comprehensive solutions always in line with the client’s expectations.

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  • A single organisation for all needs

    A unique and comprehensive partner for European Hauliers and Forwarders.

  • Know-how and professionalism

    Specialised assistance guaranteed by a professional, competent and reliable team.

  • Economic advantage

    Competitive rates and conditions allow clients to save time and money.

  • Advanced technology

    Integrated IT platforms offer the latest use of reliable and efficient technology.

  • Proven reliability and experience

    Guaranteed by over 30 years of experience and proven by the long-standing loyalty of over 8,000 customers in Europe.

Network Contacts

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